The Pathological Picture Taker

Hi There! I'm Brittney. 

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend... photographer.

Residing in rural Wisconsin for most of my life, I'm a roots-deep country girl fueled by the beauty of breathtaking sunsets and fresh air. I love dark chocolate and red wine, campfires and S'mores, dandelion bouquets delivered by small dirt smudged humans, the smell of rich Columbian Roast in the morning, and baby toes. Culminating all of the passion for the things I love about life, I became a lifestyle photographer.

How It All Began

Since I was a wee babe, I have always loved photographs. I could stare at a photo for hours, studying every single detail of it.

The Summer I was ten I found a flimsy little Kodak camera tucked in a random assortment of household items at a garage sale. The ".50" etched with ball point pen in the masking tape price tag had me giddy. I snatched up that camera, and with no concept of proper garage sale etiquette, ran all of the way back to our car to retrieve two quarters out of my little coin purse and returned to shyly pay for my new-found extremity. As soon as we arrived home, I found a roll of film and proceeded to photograph all of my pets and my little sister. Roll after roll went through that little time freezing device until my dad pointed out that it costs money to develop film, which was unfortunate because as it turned out, my life savings would hardly support my exciting hobby.

Fortunately, for my life savings, life and technology went on to digital photography. Meanwhile, I was doing things like growing up, falling in love with a soldier and marrying him as quickly as possible and not long after the honeymoon he followed Uncle Sam's bidding and went off to war. In that long year he was thousands of miles away, and I was pathetically pining away for him, I began to dabble in the professional sphere of photography. I purchased my first SLR and quickly learned that simply having a "big camera" doesn't qualify one to be a photographer. I spent hours studying manuals, tutorials and other photographer's work. 

While running errands around town one afternoon I stopped into a small portrait studio and saw that they were hiring. I requested an application and was promptly interviewed and hired on the spot. I learn best through hands-on experience, and what better way to develop posing, lighting, basic camera skills and customer service than through a fast-paced, over scheduled, stressful sort of environment? The knowledge I gained there was a great starting point and invaluable to where I am at today.  

Now, here I am, with a pilot husband who likes to take me flying, a couple of boys who collect worms and dandelions, a dog who knows our friends by name and a cat who is deaf and gets manicures. My camera has become a sort of lifeline for me. It tells amazing stories of the mundane every day. It captures the beauty of what I see in life, and I love the opportunities to capture what is amazing in your life.