What to Expect

I am calm and patient,
and I love naughty children.

I believe that photo shoots, when done correctly, should not be your nemesis. It shouldn't be that one event that sends Mom into a full on nervous breakdown. Trust me, you don't have time for that. I fully understand the urgency to get your money's worth out of your session, and chasing after that elusive portrait that tells your friends that you have it together, that is why I believe a lifestyle approach to your session is important.

Newborn photography should be quiet and peaceful. If Baby is hungry, the session should pause so he can be fed. If Baby is wakeful she should be cuddled and calmed. Babyhood is so fleeting that you can't afford to waste a moment to anxiety or frustration. It is important to me that Baby is content, Mom is cared for, and everything else creates the magical picture of your little one's story.

Family sessions needs to be a fun event, where you re-ignite all of your adoration for the crazy people you are related to. It is a time for laughter and boisterous happiness.

With all of my portrait sessions, it's not about fitting in a box and proper head tilts, it is an expression of who you are. Let's tell your story, the story of your beautiful and unique family.  When you see your portrait on the wall, you should be smiling at the hilarious memories that went into making it, not cringe at the masked anxiety and frustration behind every stoic smile or grimace.

Trust me on this one; I am calm and patient and I love naughty children. So tell them to bring their A game, and just breathe. I'll handle the rest. 



The world is my studio,
and light is my medium

Where is my studio, you ask? I am a natural light photographer and I love chasing sunshine all over the place. So let's think about this for a second... where do you love? The best locations in the world are the ones where love to be. What do you love to do? Where's your favorite place to go? Let's go to the place where genuine smiles and easy laughter occurs. Yes, even home is a fabulous location. The world is my studio, and light is my Medium so all that I need is an area with a little sunshine that I can play with. 

Have Camera. Will Travel.

Being based out of Menomonie, Wi. I am happy to travel a 30 mile radius. This enables me to easily serve Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Ridgeland, Durand and elsewhere. Areas outside of 30 miles may be subject to a small fee of $3 per additional mile.