This is Zac. I met him a little over a year ago at his sister's wedding reception. He's one of the happiest and kindest people you could ever meet, much like my own brother Zack.

His mom contacted me recently wondering if I had any availability to do his senior shoot. You can bet I would clear my schedule clean for this gent if I had to! Zac and his mom went out beforehand and he picked out a spot where he would like to have his portrait session. He chose the Rod & Gun Park in Eau, Claire. It's probably my favorite location, so this kid's got good taste! We barely greeted each other in the parking lot, when he started striking some pretty awesome model-esque poses with no direction from me! He was a natural, and he continued to do that for the next hour, his eyes dancing with the excitement of being in front of the camera. I would ask him if he was tired from time to time, and he flat out refused to ever admitting such a thing. His mom would tell him to go for a serious pose and he would stand there and make faces until we were crying with laughter. 

I am so thrilled to have been honored to capture this incredible person. The cares and stress of life melted away as I spent the partly-cloudy afternoon seeing life the way he sees it. I think the rest of the world could take life pointers from this gentleman. We would all be happier.