It was insane how his meticulously thought out plans completely fell apart and then miraculously came back together at the last minute. The day he had chosen had to be changed because she had prior commitments, so plan B was in effect--Thursday evening at the gorgeous Whitetail Golf Course just off of Highway 40. That's when the storms rolled in. Torrential downpours beginning the night before and a forecast that insisted nothing was going to be changing in the next 24 hours. He hurriedly rushed to come up with a plan C because there was no waiting this one out, when out of nowhere the skies cleared and the forecast boasted sheer engagement weather. 

She just thought she was along for the ride... A double date with the coolest people in the world (meaning, of course, my husband and myself), there would be golfing, and some cute couple pictures of the two of them taken along the way, and then we would go grab a fun romantic dinner afterwards. What she didn't know was she was about to be invited on the adventure of a lifetime. 

He thought he was going to be able to make it to hole 14, where the incredible views of Whitetail make you feel on top of the world. But his golf game was non existent that evening, and he couldn't wipe the giggle off of his face to save his life. If she didn't already, she was going to know something was up.

So after teeing off for hole 12, we took some cute couple pictures, as planned, on a pretty little bench. And as she got back to Golf Cart 82, parked just off the fairway, he slipped a little album in her hand that he had created. It contained pictures of all the adventures they had been on together. On the last page he asked her to join him on the greatest adventure of their lifetime, and there he knelt on one knee asking her to marry him. 

And that is how we have come to know the future Mr. & Mrs. Chad & Laura.