I took their engagement pictures as the sun was setting over a rugged, tick-infested lakeside.

I captured their barn wedding at the sunny and romantic Munson Bridge Winery

I met them out on the ice to create their clever ice-fishing pregnancy announcement.

The dappled sunlight sparkling through the trees at the Rod & Gun Park was the backdrop for their maternity pictures.

And then a warm, sunny September afternoon had me driving down a hilly country road to a sweet little cabin of a home nestled among fields and big oak trees to meet this little man that had changed their world and stolen their hearts.

All because two people fell in love. 

Baby Wilder Joseph; his little head of soft and dark baby down, wispy eye lashes and dark fuzzy eye brows. Spending the afternoon at Grandma's house soaking up the abundance of love in the adoring family that he has.

Big Sister Emelia helped me set up my shots and let me practice with her doll. Patches, the dog, quietly brought stick after kindling stick and dropped them by our little make-do set, patiently waiting for someone to send him bounding after one. Grandma got Wilder to sleep so deeply, as only grandmothers can do, he became the perfect baby model. Nestled softly in the made-with-love soft denim blanket, amid the little pumpkins that make Autumn so perfect around here, he slumbered sweetly while I took picture after picture of his enchanting baby perfection. 

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