"It is a happy talent to know how to play."

Are you trying to be cute, or are you really this bad?
— Husband

We're so excited about Spring finally arriving around here. The boys are gearing up for their Summer season of T & Pitch Ball and spend every moment they can tearing around the yard practicing swinging, pitching, and base running. They beg me to come out and play with them, but fact is, I'm so bad at anything sports related I will literally ingrain all the bad habits. However, I always feel bad about declining their requests, so I bought myself a little time by telling them if Dad plays baseball with them when he comes home from his shop, I will play with them. They were all over that, Snapchatting their dad the news about Mom agreeing to play ball. Next thing I know, Dad's home and, well, that's where we're going to end my story because I'm pretty sure the dog could play baseball better than I do. 



Speaking of the dog... We're not the only ones excited about the bump and the family growing.