I'm a sunshine girl. I love warmth and sunshine and everything bright and happy. Winter is not good for my soul. And in this cozy corner of Wisconsin, we get the long Winters. It's the end of March now, and as the days slowly go by, and early Spring has begun, we are grateful for these mild days. Many of which are filled with bleak clouds but enough warmth to make the snow and ice dissipate. 

The other evening after a long dreary day, I was half-heartedly feeding the kids a dinner of leftovers. I had kind of lost my passion and my brain lacked inspiration. I looked up at the overcast sky and something told me those clouds were going to break. "Hurry and eat, and we will go find some place pretty to watch the sun set!" I said to them. Because today I needed beauty. I had to find it somewhere, because that's what sets my soul on fire. "Well, the only beautiful place I can think of is Hoffman Hills," Jimmy told me.

That's when I remembered a forgotten place of my childhood. It was tucked somewhere down a trail just off of the overflow parking lot. It had winding trails, and ponds and weeping willows. I had forgotten about this place for so long I wondered if I was even remembering it correctly. I had no idea how far off the beaten path it even was. They called for adventure, and I needed beauty, so off we went.

Together we got to discover that little-known ruggedly beautiful place. The clouds broke in that golden hour, the geese were honking and flying in V-shaped formations over us and birds were singing their evening lullaby. The light rays from the setting sun danced colorfully on the glass-smooth pond. The whole world around us was soaking in that wild beauty. The boys found walking sticks the size of small trees and threw every little pebble and thing that would splash. We laughed and inhaled the fresh, wide open air. Spring is here, and together we got to find that place in our soul that ignites the fire. 

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