Over the holidays I discovered an adorable way to include your young child in gift giving and card sending. I really wanted to incorporate my boys into the whole experience of giving, and one way I accomplished that was by having them help me make cards and gift tags. While the holidays may be behind us, there are still plenty of opportunities to give and send cards year-round, so I thought it would be fun to show you an artsy way to incorporate kids into spreading good cheer.

Most kids are always pretty eager to assist with crafts (what's not enticing about messes?) so I gave mine little pieces of paper and fine-tipped sharpies, along with the names I needed them to write down for me. I wanted this to be fun for them, so I resisted the urge to correct their upside down, sideways and backwards letters. This was about letting them express their talents. Writing the names of the people (and pets!) that they cared about was a special act because that is who they were thinking and talking about.

When their little tags were finished, I went over their adorable script with my own fine-tip sharpie and created a funky calligraphy style out of it. It turned out so cute, and everybody loved the added personal touch. Kids have the cutest penmanship, so this is a perfect way to showcase their talents and warm the hearts of your family and friends.