Family pictures are important. They are a ticket to this one place in time that may otherwise become forgotten. There won't ever be another Summer where everyone is this age. The kids are continuing to grow, their personalities are ever blossoming, and the memories of this year are still fresh and poignant and who you are. 

For the Wayne family, a different approach to family photography is absolutely necessary to capture who they are. I love the families who ask me to just come over and capture them for who they are. No stuffing into a perfectly posed box, just living and loving life. Lifestyle photography, I call it. It's my sweet cup of tea, and that's how my photo shoot with Tyler and Mary and their little ladies and big pups always go. There's only so much tolerance Miss Kayla or Little Lily have for posing. They are active country girls. And that's okay. I will chase them down and capture them for who they are: girlie girls delighted with dirt in their toes, and sticks that become swords, and rocks that are ships, and the clovers that are beautiful aromatic flowers.