Spring has been epic in all of its Wisconsin glory around here this week. Sunday night was a delicious mix of humidity and hail and severe Summer storms, and within 24 hours we had a Winter blizzard appear out of nowhere, blanketing this corner of the world with perfect snow that makes the best snowballs to throw at your dad. My kids weren't one bit disappointed by the white world they woke up to. Confused, yes; but after a quick explanation that Easter wasn't being replaced with Christmas this week, they donned their jackets and snow boots and pulled the sled back out and loaded it with snowball ammo for when their favorite guy in the world lets the dog out. And then the sun comes out, and the snow melts and there's greenery and evidence of Spring everywhere. While I'm not a fan of snow, I'm happy that we got this (hopefully) last dump of the white stuff so now we can officially get on with the warmer weather. These are just images of today, taken in my own yard.