It was a beautiful Saturday morning in June; the perfect kind for a wedding. Warm, sunny, vibrant, with a hint of excitement in the air. I packed up my equipment as I exchanged some chit chat messages with the bride I was about to photograph. I found her in the Country Inn & Suites hotel, sitting demurely and chatting with her friends. Her hair all beautiful and her makeup just right. I think she was the calmest bride I ever met. She had high hopes for her big day, having spent months and months and months investing hours of thought and preparation and hand made details into what she hoped would be the most beautiful day of her life. It was all so well thought out, yet if she was experiencing the last minute panicked adrenaline rushes that are typically present on wedding mornings, you couldn't tell. She had time for every body, and wasn't concerned to fuss over the frivolous things. She was living in the moment and savoring this day surrounded by the people she loved most and excited to change her name.

She packed up her things and we all made our way to the venue. VisionQuest, just outside of Menomonie situated quietly amid trees and prairie grass. There were rows and rows of pretty white chairs, a gazebo decorated in cranberry and white tulle, and a trickling fountain just beyond... It was lovely. 

But then, as the time grew closer for the ceremony to begin, their worst fear became reality. There was a large storm cell hovering and growing over this special place where these two people were joining hearts. At first they were going to wait it out, but then the radar indicated little hope of it subsiding so then a plan B was quickly formulated. And just as plan B was about to be executed, out of nowhere that ugly blob on the radar moved on. Volunteers ran out with towels to wipe down seats and set everything back up in record time. 

The bridal party slipped out and hid in the shelter behind the ceremony as guests filed out to find their seats. Soft strains of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was playing while majestic clouds created a dazzling backdrop to this perfect day. A few raindrops fell here and there as the processional began filling the air with its fresh Summer scent. It was magical. And that is how they began ever after. Happily, becoming man and wife, in that beautiful spot that I'm pretty sure might have been somewhere over the rainbow.

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