A couple months ago, Sleeklens contacted me to try some of their presets for the purpose of reviewing their workflow. To be entirely candid, I have never been much of a presets gal. In my opinion and limited experience with presets, I find that in general, presets feel more like "filters" and have a tendency to cheapen professional work. So, other than a few select basic presets I had created from my own work, I like to rely mostly on hand edits. But I decided to go ahead and jump at this opportunity and give it the ol' college try, and while I still hold the same personal opinion about the over use of presets, I do find myself regularly using many of the brushes in a lot of my work. 

One thing I will say, if you are a beginner or still getting used to Lightroom, presets are a wonderful way to learn techniques to help you better adjust lighting, coloring, and tone curves. I do not recommend getting into the habit of relying solely or mostly on presets, but I do suggest playing with them if you're like me and learn primarily through hands-on experience to improve your editing skills. 

Here is a before and after example of using primarily Sleeklens Strike a Pose Portrait Workflow





  • Glow Baby Glow


  • Dodge
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Soften Skin
  • Rose (lightly, on cheeks)

The following images are my own hand edits, along with the use of a few Sleeklens brushes to dodge, sharpen and enhance.