It was such a neat experience for me to meet up with this family at the Elk Mound Castle. You see, this past Winter I took the leap into full time photography, and let my teller job go. It was the best thing in the world for me and my family, but leaving behind a great team was a very real, not-at-all-fun part of it. I had a strange, tight lump in my throat for days. Chad was the leader of that team and I attribute much of the success that I have experienced as a photographer this year to what I learned in my experience at the branch with the team, under his steady leadership. They say behind every great man is a great woman. Turns out Chad has three backing him.

Getting to know them more up on that hill while capturing their family pictures was nothing short of hilarious and entertaining. Ella, and her sweet beaming smile; Avery with all of her energetic spunk proudly displayed in the dainty pink and blue streaks in her fly-away hair; and Jess who just laughs and embraces the uniqueness of her beautiful daughters. This particular Saturday afternoon did not feel at all like work, and I'm so excited we got to do this.

In spite of an overcast forecast, the weather was perfect and almost blindingly sunny. Elk Mound Castle is a beautiful location. That day the leaves were just starting to turn, and to be honest with you, that's my favorite uh--we'll call it day--in Fall since it all goes by so fast, where there's still plenty of green but just enough splashes of color for an added touch of beauty. In spite of the harsh light, it was a great place for a wonderful family shoot.