They say you're not supposed to mix business with pleasure. But I feel like maybe that's one of those rules that are made to be broken? I mean, if I followed the letter of that law, I would actually have to let most of my clients go, come to think of it.

When you have friends who live over a hundred miles away and since they are somewhat in the vicinity of your husband's sassy and sweet 99 1/2 year-old grandma (Because, "that half is important when you're this age!" She says.), and so you bundle up the family, hit the treacherous snowy roads and make a huge, long day trip of it.

It's the holiday season and it's freezing cold and your friends offer their delicious barbecued, sugar coated hospitality along with all the meshing of business and fun and well, these things happen. 

Just outside the warmth of their front door is the porch with the wrought iron rail that overlooks the beautiful snow-covered pasture. It was a perfect location for intermittent warming breaks between photos. Understandably there was a bit of impatience due to the chilly temperatures; not to mention the warm, freshly baked, chocolate smothered peanut butter cookies that were screaming from the kitchen counter where they were cooling. So we went fast, and it was fun. There was more laughter than crocodile tears, and a few chocolate smeared faces along the way to make it epic in the beautiful mess sort of way, which is the sort of work that I love to do.