I heard that today is National Best Friend Day. So let me tell you about mine...

He lit tiki torches out on the patio last night while we sipped on beverages and enjoyed the clear starlit sky. He was chuckling about how he had just startled the deaf cat who began to meow sweetly to no one in particular. (Cue human demonstrating sweet cat noises) That reminded me of the way said-feline was death-screaming earlier, and, well, cue human demonstrating death-screaming cat noises which ended up escaping my vocal chords with far more decibels than I ever intended them to resulting in immediate regret for such poor life choices. He lowered his voice, "Um, the new neighbor lady just ran inside her house." So that was awkward. We laughed so hard. 

And that's just kind of how best friends are supposed to be. You don't see BFF's out there winning awards for normalcy. This guy has been my best friend for over 8 years now, and while we're still honing our charming social skills, the one thing we have always had going for us is our friendship and our love for clear starlit nights out on the patio. He's so adorable and he makes me laugh so hard. I just really like him.