Can we just talk about Down's Syndrome for a minute? 

I admit, it's probably weird that I get excited when I hear of someone having a Down's baby. I just want to croon and aww and say congratulations over and over on giving birth to such a beautiful person. I really can't help myself. You see, for me, I consider myself blessed and fortunate to have grown up with a brother who has Down's.

I was five years old when he came into our world. My dad told me he was special; Down's Syndrome made him more special than "normal" people. Doctors couldn't "fix" him, because there was nothing wrong with who he is, and we probably wouldn't want to change him even if we could! My mom said he would know how to love people better than "normal" people do; more like how Jesus loves us. 

And so we have Zack.

He is literally the best thing that could have ever happened to our family. Now that I am grown, I imagine it freaked my parents out in the beginning, because it's scary and "abnormal" to have a child with a "diagnosis". But Zack; well, he is the glue, the friend, the smile that makes everything right for anybody who's privileged to know him. He's the best uncle and friend to all of his 8 nieces and nephews, and just the greatest guy anybody could ever meet. For everything that's ever wrong with the world, Zack is one thing that will always be right.

Down's people are special people; not because they have "special needs" but because they know how to care deeply, love fully and trust completely. They know how to be happy because the simple things in life are life. Materialism can't even be found in their DNA. Give them an old wheelbarrow and they will push it in circles around the yard and sing for no reason but for the utter joy of God's green earth.

It actually makes me kind of mad when I hear people wish there could be a cure for Down's Syndrome. Down's Syndrome is not a disease. People with Down's Syndrome are the old souls with a timeless childlike sweetness that the world needs more of. 

This is my brother Zack, and I wouldn't change who he is for the world.

Lucky for me, Zack lives a hop, skip and a jump away. Some days he comes over just to spend the day with his nephews. I snapped these photos the other day when he was here. While impromptu and unplanned, I just love these pictures and all of the hilarious fun my kids have with their favorite uncle.

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