Dear Titus,

I may be a bit late in my acknowledgements, but welcome to the world, Little Man! 

You don't really know me outside of that crazy lady with the flashing black contraption who showed up on your door step a couple weeks ago, but life has periodically crossed my path with your mama's over the last many years. 

I saw her and your daddy when you were probably just the size of a walnut. The excitement of your presence was glowing on their faces. They couldn't wait to meet you. Their thrill was infectious--I couldn't wait to meet you! You probably know this already, but you are very loved. 

When your sweet mama told me you had arrived, it made me so happy. You don't even know how many dreams you made true. Since you were approaching three months old already, your mama invited me to come over and meet you. What a perfect way to spend the morning! I loved taking pictures of you. And then I got to snuggle you in my arms, and that made me happy, you little cuddle bug you. 

You're a perfect and darling little guy, Mr. Titus. You're already eager to grow up and leave the baby things behind, but there's nobody you love more than your mama, and you will always be her sweet little boy. 

Have fun growing up, and thank you for being so cute. 

Until Next Time,
The Crazy Lady with the flashing black contraption.