Motherhood. A job title that requires no degree, a lifestyle that graces rich and poor alike. Wanted or unwanted, planned or unplanned, somehow motherhood in all of its complexity

For most it requires weeks of sickness, months of terrible discomfort, hours or even days of torrential, physical agony and that is just to birth this brand new soul. For now commences a thousand sleepless nights and a lifetime of worry. Every day is a mental marathon, every activity a juggle for survival. Sanity is reduced to an optional commodity.

Motherhood. The most secure of all job titles, for she will never be fired from it; and for a salary she can bank on the deepest insecurity known to mankind of imminent failure. Motherhood is a scary world of judges with no jury, the verdict of which remains guilty until proven innocent. It all feels so tiring and thankless until she looks into the eyes of her child and every single teardrop of agony is but a tiny price to pay for this love she could have never prepared herself for.

Motherhood. It's raw and it's real and it's filthier than she ever expected it to be. But it's a beautiful mess.

Her beautiful mess.

She will die a thousand deaths for the wildly beautiful privilege of being her child's mother. She will never question if it was all worth it, for this small human in her keeping finds a way to prove to her every single day that she never even lived before he existed.

Yes, she will continue to question and second guess and despair over every decision, every activity, every harsh word that manages to escape her lips, and every single day she will worry that she is screwing it all up. But at the end of the day when she kisses those cherub cheeks goodnight, she will wonder how she became the most blessed woman on the planet. And she will wake up to do it all again tomorrow... Or in a couple hours because who are we kidding? Moms never clock out. 


Mother's Day was so nice. I had been out of town for a wedding, so relaxing and unwinding was the only thing on my agenda. My husband and boys spoiled me with flowers and notes and hugs and kisses. We went out for coffee, got to go on a horse drawn carriage ride, my husband put together an impromptu cookout with family, and my favorite part was when each of them took a turn with the camera to get a shot of me with my loves.