It almost feels like yesterday that I was sitting in a hospital room holding my friend's little girl. I still remember the way her soft breath felt on my face, her strawberry wisps framing the most doll-like rosy face, and it felt like heaven was in my arms. My eyes blurred as I realized I was holding an actual angel. A couple days later, on December 22, 2011, that sweet angel flew home to spend Christmas with Jesus.

A month ago I was with her family again. While it was a family shoot going the way normal family sessions go, there was something that still felt a little magical about it. Her mommy had said she loves family pictures, yet there's that vacant feeling about them too. It's been five years, Addyson would be six now. While every one else sees the laughter and smiles of a family of four, she sees a hole and empty arms of a family of five.  

I couldn't get the picture out of my mind of what sweet Addyson would be like today, using her new legs to dance around heaven with her brand new eye sight; carefree and playful, making the angels jealous of her laughter. What would it look like if she could take a quick moment and kiss her beautiful family with her presence?

It became my pet project of the year. Slowly the idea of what I pictured in my mind came together on canvas, and it was a breathtaking experience.

Happy Heaven birthday, Baby Girl!