I'm not going to lie, in spite of my best of the best intentions, Summer is once again getting a hold of me and causing every waking minute to be filled with all of the things that don't happen behind a computer screen. And since the majority of my work involves desk time, I only have the attention span to work through hundreds of images in a day and be on my way. No time for writing, no time for blogging. My desk schedule consists of: answer emails, edit pictures, go get in the sunshine. 

Perhaps it is fortunate that I have become plagued with a minor sunburn. It kind of cut down on my longings to be in the sun, and therefore I blog!! Hip, hip hooray!

And for starters let me tell you about maybe my favorite family shoot to date. It was an organic dairy farm starring Fleckvieh cattle. It was perfect. I love the country so much, and being asked to capture beautiful Wisconsin sky-scapes with happy cattle in them is my cup of tea. And as if I couldn't be happy enough, this adorable family have the cutest farm kids in the world. So yes, unique, fun, adorable, charming Wisconsin country at its finest.