September 10 found me driving the hilly winding county roads to a destination in the rolling hills of Washburn County. Somewhere beyond Spooner, off of County Highway A, is Pine Brook Farm. I was early. I found numerous friends and family busily bustling about perfecting the million and one details of this quaint and darling rustic wedding. 

Kaylene has been my sister's friend for a thousand years. I have known her since she and Hannah were knee high to the horses on Kaylene's family's ranch. Well, maybe a little higher than that. But watching all these kids growing up and finding love and marriage and happiness is a little terrifying and a lot of heart touching. 

Large fluffy clouds hung in the blue sky as sunlight streamed down on the sanctuary that was once a hay barn. The wind made the light chiffon curtains billow and puff, and knocked over a few jars of flowers that lined the hay bale aisle. Their day was beautiful, for this was the day that Kyle would be Kaylene's and she would be his.

Their guests slowly filed in, finding their seats. The ceremony was starting. Parents and grandparents were seated, the groom and minister stepped to the front. Sharp looking attendants slowly made their way down the aisle. The handsome nephews of the bride hesitated a little before finding their way down the aisle and the laughter of their cute antics could not be suppressed. And then the rumble of the old Chevrolet's motor rolled in. Her father helped her out of the antique truck and slowly they moved towards the rustic sanctuary. The soft music swelled with anticipation. The congregation rose to their feet as they stepped in. Her smile, her dress, their love... It was breathtaking. 

The beam in her eyes and the tenderness on his face spoke everything that needs to be said about love and being committed for life.