I'm pretty sure there's only been one instance this year where we had to reschedule due to weather. And it was on this beautiful senior. After we already had re-scheduled due to timing conflicts for both of us. Sometimes the best laid plans have to be changed and that's okay when ultimately the final product ends up far better than you had even hoped for. 

She had but one request when it came to her senior session: water. Fortunately the city of Menomonie has a lot to offer when it comes to water. We went down by the beach at the sprawling Wakanda Park. It was a perfect evening, and my favorite time: the golden hour. 

The golden haze of setting sunlight made her skin glow. The lake was surprisingly clear and reflected the pink sky which so happened to coordinate perfectly with her formal dress. 
It was a perfect evening to capture a beautiful girl and I'm so excited for how lovely these images turned out!