He was the thing that was so right.
So miraculous.

He was my rainbow baby. The gift of healing I needed. After years of everything that went so wrong in life, he was the thing that was so right. So miraculous. I remember it like it was yesterday, but now here we are, 7 years later. He's no longer a baby; I know that. And as delightful as his babyhood was, I do not mourn the passing of those years. Because I love this young man he is becoming.

He's a kid on a mission. Sometimes his own opinions challenge me. I see myself in him so much. I realize my flaws reflect on him and he's taught me to be a better person. He has a strong sense of justice. People who cause harm to other people are never ever okay with him. His heroes are NFL athletes with strong moral codes, and the coaches he had over the summer who nurtured and honed the skills of a little boy's undying passion for sports and athleticism. He's a kid with big dreams, and he works hard on his dreams every single day.

Seven years ago I had a baby. Today I have a kind and funny little man, and this journey of motherhood that he has taken me on has been the sweetest. Happy Birthday, Jimmy.