It's tough when you're a mom, but I try not to mourn the passing of time so much as embrace the blossoming of all the little manhood that is happening in my house. I'm usually pretty good about trying to match Jimmy's excitement about growing up to be a big guy and I celebrate the milestones, but something about today makes me wonder how that 6 pound, 9 ounce little bundle is suddenly so... big! And I'm not going to lie; I miss the way he used to fit so snug in my arms. 

He is the most perfect child in the world to get to learn this whole mothering thing on. He's so calm and patient, quick to forgive, eager to please, tender, kind, tenacious and strong.

His brother is his best friend. Jimmy's steady personality pulled Colton through some pretty tough crisis'. He is always accepting, comforting and eager to make his brother laugh. 

He knows almost everything there is to know about football. He watches football games like most of his peers watch cartoons. He remembers scores, studies their plays, considers all sorts of scenarios and keeps track of players. The Green Bay Packers are his favorite team in the world and Jordy Nelson is his hero. 

There are so many things I could say about this little boy that is so suddenly turning into a little man, but the more I write the more words aren't adequate. He's just a really, really great kid and friend. There simply are no words to describe how incredibly blessed I feel to be his mom. I love him so much. 

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy. I can't wait to see how much you love being six.