I will let them be little
fill their hearts with laughter
help them grow wings
nurture their sense of wonder
inspire them to believe
and love them like
there is no tomorrow.

I ran across that quote today, and I love, love, love it. My friend is a shining example of this when it comes to raising her precious daughters, and her girls are the most tenderhearted, wonder-filled, old souls that I know.

I have watched Rachel face some of the worst pain that could possibly be inflicted by one who vowed before God to love and cherish her. Even when everything is so unfair and the justice system is anything but just; even though she lives in fear of her children being hurt by an unsteady narcissistic dangerous man; even when she's at the end of herself and little by little he takes everything away from her, she puts a brave face on and tells her children every single day that they are kind, they are smart, they are important. They believe it, and their lives are beautiful because of it.  

I want to be a mom like her.