And Other Interesting Facts

My kids love to have "interviews" so yesterday at lunch we went over all sorts of questions. Here's a few of my favorite responses. Kids are so great.

And here's a pro tip: sprinklers in bright sunlight make a great portrait effect.  


Jimmy (7)

  • What do you like to do with your friends?
    That thing that Wyatt has that when you sit on it, it sounds like a fart.
  • How much does your mom weigh?
    I'm guessing 96.4 pounds.
  • Why do you love your mom?
    Because she's pretty.

Colton (5)

  • What food do you hate?
    The green ones.
  • How Much Does Your Mom Weigh?
    I'll skip it.
  • How old is your mom?
  • If your mom had free time, what would she do?
    Clean the house.