This child has been an adventure from the start. From Rochester to Rochester again. He's resilient and tough; an over-achiever and competitive to the bone. His best friend is his brother and he is so intent on being as smart, as strong, as fast, and as competitive as him, he hardly has a dull moment. The dull moments that do evolve for him, however, are projects of intent detail. Whether puzzles or coloring or writing or Legos, or tiny cars and trains... Idle hands are a form of distress. Like his mother, he can never just sit. He is creative and must always be doing. To not be doing is where his babyhood colic rears its head. Like his father, he is the clown of the family. He makes everyone laugh. Even clowns, I'm not even kidding.

I can't imagine a life where he didn't exist. While most moms say, "Where did the time go??" I'm more like, "Has it only been 4 years with you?" He came into the world and totally owned it. And the world is so much better for it.

So here's to you, Little Cowboy Dude. You keep doing you, for you make the world a brighter and happier place.