I'm so happy I'm related to these people. Gabe is my brother, Anna is my awesome sister in-law, and Kailyn and Wyatt are my best little friends.

When I arrived at their house a couple weeks ago to do this photo session with them, Anna offered me a cup of coffee. I told her I had already had two so it might be a bad idea. She agreed that extra caffeine might make the pictures turn out blurry. Now there was a thought that had never occurred to me. She has a point. Caffeine jitters would be detrimental for a photo shoot, and now I'm so paranoid about it I literally get caffeine jitters just thinking about it. 

After our photo shoot we randomly decided to take all of our kids to their Grandma's, and as long as we were at it, we should stop at a coffee shop for those caffeine jitters. We also discussed in detail about how Caribou is sooooo much better than Starbucks. Starbucks is gross, but Caribou is the bomb dot com. No offense, anybody. Once we agreed on which Caribou Coffee destination we would meet at, because we are such caffeine snobs, we departed in our separate vehicles. Pulling up to the coffee shop It dawns on me that I was having one of my more extreme moments and literally was in a Starbucks parking lot. I panicked a little, until I look over, and Anna's pulling into the parking space next to mine having the exact same moment. Somehow we thought of the same location yet mentally switched the franchise. We laughed and laughed and then totally rolled with it and ordered up some chemical-ly tasting beverages because that's just what we do--Have fun and  own those crazy blonde moments free and clear. 

But this post was actually supposed to be more about these cute people and not so much my obsession with coffee...

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