It was early July. Here in Wisconsin, this is the very pinnacle of Summer. The heatwaves are best experienced on spring fed lakes; where the clear water cools you, and the warm sun kisses your skin. Then, as the sun goes down, you find yourself enjoying the refreshing night air within the comfort of your hoodie. If you don't live in Wisconsin, you should know that Wisconsin is a literal paradise this time of year. 

This particular weekend, the entire family was in town. This doesn't happen often, and with it being such a perfect time of year, it required a special outing. An outing that necessitated little work, just play. So, with an assortment of picnic supplies, strawberry shortcake, sunscreen, inner tubes, life jackets, fishing poles, a couple brothers with boats, the whole family and some great friends we headed to Silver Lake. With no schedule of events or agenda in place, some went early to get their fishing in, others, such as myself and my uncanny navigational skills, got lost and found themselves arriving late. There was tubing and boating and wading and swimming and splashing and kayaking and great food (did I mention the strawberry shortcake?) and volleyball and playgrounds and tadpoles and sand castles and selfies and sunburns.... Bottom line, fun was had by all, and every family should have days like this one.  

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