It actually all began as a source of contention. There are few things that the husband and I argue about, but that wall that he claims is his and his alone is one of them. It is the wall that spans the expanse of the living room and dining room and can be seen from almost every room in the house. It's the trophy wall. The mancave wall. The wall that serves as the spoils of hunting gallery. The wall haunted by the ghosts of venison past. And on this legendary wall was an audacious $3.49 goodwill find with flowers on it. 

Personally, I liked this piece because I am a minimalist at heart and a terrible interior designer. I loved how it adequately filled in large spaces without being too clutter-y. I found it at goodwill when we were newly weds and the price was right so I picked it up. The colors and the peeling in some places were not necessarily ideal. It was a bit dated. It had served it's time reserving my rights to charming spaces, and the current couch was now too tall for it to look right, so in the interest of peace and harmony I finally took it down and moved it to the dining room where I started slathering chalk paint on it.

I'm not really a great DIY-er; kind of more of a half-donkey-er so I'm not going to get into the tools and techniques of the trade because I'm pretty sure I did it all wrong according to the books. I had picked up some decorative chalk paint at WalMart and a package of sponge brushes and virtually went to town on the thing. 

I was pleased with the end result and I now have a chalk board in my dining room. It makes my heart happy. And home should always be heartily happy.

While the paint was drying, a new lens arrived. I was delighted that I could stand so close to something and still get all of it in the picture.

And this is how it currently looks. For Thanksgiving we talked about all the things we were thankful for a month. We wrote them on our chalk board. I haven't had the heart to update it.