I can’t wait to see what she does to toddler-hood. 

I would like to introduce you to the perfect child. No seriously, she is. She's my little miss Evalyn, my impeccably beautiful god daughter. I adore having her at my house for no reason at all but to love on her. She is such an angel! She loves to be cuddled, and she loves to play happily on the floor. She is quiet and sweet and even patient. When I take her pictures just because she is visiting me and I want to surprise her mom, she effortlessly flashes that gummy smile. Then when it's time to take her official pictures of turning one, she becomes very serious and turns into this little baby Gerber model. I don't know how or why she's turning one so quickly, because it was only last night my phone woke me up out of my anxious slumber with the news of her safe arrival. But truthfully, her being a baby was so precious, I can't wait to see what she does to toddler-hood.