It seems to be an epidemic in our culture. This whole, so-caught-up-in-making-a-living-you-forget-to-make-a-life burnout. Summer is my favorite time of year, but I'm not going to lie; this one had been a tough one. And if I'm feeling soul-weary in July, I'm not doing Summer right! 

This particular July morning we woke up to the very air begging for adventure. The clear blue sky and the warm scent of Summer carried on a gentle breeze was calling our names. We packed a little picnic and took the boys to discover the rugged beauty that is the Devil's Punchbowl just South of Menomonie. It was paradise down there, with the rushing water falling in streams from up above echoing against the cavernous walls, and the scenery somewhat reminiscent of the Jungle Book. There were pools of water and little streams, and the way the sunlight filtered through the trees and reflected off the walls and the water was magical. 

The water, the mud, the sand, and the climb-able tree branches are a playground that simply cannot be beat. We quickly realized the only way a pair of energetic boys could really have fun was to let go of all inhibitions, and regret that we left the swim trunks at home. But that was okay. Mud was the name of the game! We let those crazy kids of ours sink their toes as deep as they could in the rich soft mud, climb all over the walls of this basin, and wade, splash and get as filthy as their sweet little hearts' desired.