It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters.

It was the most perfect Summery evening as I arrived a few minutes early to scout out this park I hadn't yet had the privilege of visiting. A kind gentlemen promptly came up to me and introduced himself as the great-grandpa. As if on cue, people were swarming us. So many people from almost every direction, all claiming to be part of this same family. I'm not sure I believed them all, but not that I would blame them. These guys knew how to have fun and laugh and enjoy each other, anybody could fit right in! And even with this many people, the vast range in ages, and so many different groupings somehow we finished ahead of schedule. With military duties calling away some of her kids, these pictures were for mom; to tide her over for however-long-it-will-be before they are all together again. Yes, this family is spectacular and it was such an honor to be their photographer. 

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