It was Friday, February 24, twenty-seventeen. They had decided that a Winter wedding around sunset would be the perfect way to make their love story complete. Winter showed up in all of its glory during the night with a blizzard and blowing snow in gusts of wind up to 40 miles per hour. Freezing drizzle and treacherous travelling conditions ruined some of the most carefully laid plans, however it brought an adventurous sort of beauty to their day that nobody could have anticipated or even hoped for.

Laura. Colton. You are so pretty.
— Colton's Note

Colton, my 4 year-old, sat in our hotel room the night before with a little pad of paper and a pen asking, "Mom, how do you spell 'Laura'?" He painstakingly wrote out his note with a few extra upside-down U's and delivered his carefully penned sentiment to her while she was getting ready that morning. He promptly stole the first kiss that day and since his buffalo plaid jacket matched the bride and bridesmaids he made sure to get in at least one picture with the bridesmaids.

He was indeed correct, for the bride was nothing short of a picture of beauty. Her hair, the makeup, all the beautiful colors that surrounded her were stunning. "Pretty" only half described her. Her sisters helped her into her dress. It was breathtaking. There was some necessary fanning of air around faces as the bride's look became complete and she was ready to meet her groom.

But first she took a moment with her parents. The love in her mom's eyes, a proud smile on her dad's face as they saw their daughter a bride, a moment of prayer, a quick kiss on the cheek and laughter because the bride accidentally smeared lipstick on her mother's face.

Meanwhile, the groom was so giddy with excitement. Nothing could wipe the smile off of his face. He would tell me that he didn't know how to pose and then promptly do all the funniest poses I could hardly keep up with him.

The moment for that first glimpse finally came. Donning her soft fur cape and clutching the long layers of satin and tulle, she carefully made her way down the iron staircase in the blowing snow. Chad stood at the bottom of the stairs anxiously giggling under his breath and smiling that enormous smile of his. I have known this guy for a long time and he's always been a happy soul, but I have never seen him this happy.

 She tapped his shoulder, and he turned and saw, for the first time, his breathtakingly beautiful bride.  "I just want to kiss you!!!" He lamented over and over as he hugged her tight and giggled against her face. The snow became gentle, covering them in white glitter, and in that sweet moment they experienced the culmination of all of the hopes and dreams that they had ever dreamed together coming true.

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Venue: The Condensery | Osseo, Wisconsin
Hair & Makeup: SaylonSeven | 314 N Barstow, Eau Claire
DJ: Midwest Sound DJ Entertainment | "Dancelot" 

Special details that were creatively & beautifully orchestrated by the bride & groom that added such a special touch to their day:

Flowers: Mother of the Bride, with the help of family and friends
Catering: Bride & Mother of the bride with the help of friends
Decor: Talented friends