As you may recall, I was there with a camera when she said yes. More recently we crawled all over Hoffman Hills attempting to beat the sunset while capturing some amazing engagement photography. This couple is so much fun, I'm so happy we get to call them such great friends.

When I married Andy, Chad was kind of part of the package deal. He was this funny guy who was double trouble when he and Andy got together. He taught me some pretty cool card games which I totally beat him at, and he has the most distinctive giggle you can't help yourself when he laughs. He's been there through thick and thin. In the good times, like that time he fell asleep while standing up at our wedding; and in the bad times, like when he hung out with us at the hospital literally all night long when our newborn was seriously ill. He's basically my brother from another mother and he found himself a wife with someone that has become like a sister. Seeing them fall in love is my favorite story ever.