We always have a great time with this family when they come visit. This time, we managed to sneak a photo shoot in. They came all the way from Athens, Wisconsin! After having spent a couple hours in the car, the kids had tons of energy to burn off. It made the challenge of capturing them and each of their unique personalities all the more fun.

Brock is such a great big brother. He was eager to get to a hearty game of football with his friend Jimmy, but in spite of his impatience he still has that easy going grin and was cool enough to make his sisters laugh.

Miss Lauren is sweet, pretty and kind. She wanted to get some pictures without her glasses too, and those pretty blue eyes of hers are so perfect.

Brianna is a darling sort of daring independence and mischief. She is such a spirited and beautiful child. 

Cassidy might be the tiniest, but she knows how to make her bold mark in the family too. Pompom boots, purple unicorns and animal crackers excite her to  no end. 

These are just a few of my favorites...