Once again, the Rod & Gun Park of Eau Claire made for a perfect photo shoot! I try not to have favorite locations because it is important to me that we go where my clients love. If they feel at home, then it is so much easier to create images and memories that they will love forever! But I'm loving this spot more and more every time I visit it. You simply can't go wrong here!

In this situation, this good looking duo was coming from out of town for pictures and not being particularly familiar with the area, Rod & Gun was a good location to meet, and it never fails to give beautiful backdrops so that is how we ended up here. Turns out, an added bonus to the weeping willows, enormous pine trees, rustic bridges, quaint waterways, the landscaping, the paths, and the friendly waddling ducks, is that the park is tucked somewhat in a valley, with trees and hills blocking the tumultuous wind gusts that came up that day while the sunlight still trickled in gorgeously.  

It was so beautiful, and making new friends with these cute people was such a fun way to enjoy the perfect lighting and beautiful views.