There are few species in the world that can quite measure up to the majestic beauty of a horse. Amigo is my favorite equestrian creature. He has the wild spirit of an Arabian, and the gentle streak of his quarter horse ancestors. He proudly carries his head high, arching his neck with that gorgeous mane flowing in the wind and his tail held with spirited Arabian pride. He came into my family as an opinionated 3 year-old, halter-broke colt. With some gentle training, my brother convinced him to take a saddle. Amigo still held to his high standards of who got to tell him what to do and when. He enjoyed the game of trying to throw my brothers off of his back. But with time he gradually became the nicest saddle horse ever, and only one bone was ever broken. Some 16 or so years later, he will still give an arrogant rider an Arabian run for their money, but when a child is on his back he's an instant gentle quarter-horse giant.

It was on this grand steed that my niece recently enjoyed just hanging out on his bareback with the backdrop of a majestic Summer storm brewing. It was one of the most beautiful evenings in the Wisconsin countryside, and I was glad to have my camera to capture some of this animal's spirit and a glimpse of our state's natural beauty.