I think that perhaps the single most great thing I will forever be grateful for in my journey of motherhood are the other mothers in my life whom I have had the privilege to call friends and walk this road together with.

Those beautiful mothers who are brave even when life embeds the shards of heartache deep within their souls. The ones who have the courage to get up every morning in spite of the pain and give it their everything yet again for the sake of their children. The ones with the stamina of grace to give kindness to their precious little humans always. The ones who will fight day in and day out for the security and safety of their children. The mothers who fight the odds and beat them. These are the mothers who love so deeply in spite of everything or anything, they are unaware of the beauty they sow, guiding others to pursue a greater version of themselves. These mothers are my heroes, and that is the sort of mother my friend Anissa is. Her children are happy and sweet, whimsical and sassy, tough but delicate. I seriously love spending time with these darling people.